How to do burpees

I don’t feel like doing other exercises lately except this one. I can do 20 reps without feeling so tired. I can even do heavy chores at home and even run errands for printing companies afterwards. It’s amazing how exercise can make you feel strong and more alive.


Squat with your feet close together and your hands in front of you, touching the floor.
Kick your feet back, getting down to a push-up.
Quickly return to standing position, and leap with your arms fully extended above your head. Repeat the movement for 20 reps.
Modified Option for Beginners: No need to leap. Do this in 10 reps


Strengthens chest, arms, front deltoids, thighs, hamstrings, and abs. Improves cardiovascular endurance.

Source: C-Lium website

3 thoughts on “How to do burpees

  1. Jona

    Hi Yami! Been doing yoga too but haven’t tried doing the burpees. Though the plank pose is part of my abs routine. I like doing the plank coz i can feel my shoulders and arms strengthened as well as my abs tightened.
    Hurray for us yoga moms!

    1. Yami Post author

      Hi Jona. I don’t have time to do yoga na, pero hope to continue anytime soon. Ang hirap when you stopped masakit na sa katawan. 🙁

      I do plank pose din before I start working out. Mga two reps for 60 seconds each lang ang kaya ko. 🙂


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