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Weighing the need for desktops

My daughter is working from home for two years now.  It’s been her way of life before everyone talks about how they will go about their “new normal” amidst the pandemic.

Late last year, N and her Dad were planning to assemble desktop parts because she thinks she’ll be more productive to use desktop than a laptop.

N is a graphic designer and she finds desktops to be more reliable than the laptop she is currently using.

She said a video adapter can be installed with independent higher memory in desktop plus it can render graphic display faster. With these qualities in mind, N said, she can be more productive in her job.

My son might likely switch to desktop just like his sister.

The community college where K is currently enrolled at is offering distance learning to its old and new students.  And we are adapting to the new norm since the government (still) prohibits face-to-face learning.

The community college is offering desktop rental to students needing them to cope with the demand of the course requirement.  K is taking up multimedia arts and needs a reliable laptop or desktop with fast internet connection for his online classes.

The only thing we worry about is the inevitable increase in electric bill consumption once the purchase of new desktops happens.  

We are looking for new and refurbished desktops at Rakuten. Hubby is weighing which is more practical to buy. We might consider buying online since they offer free shipping for every purchase made.  

The Best Health and Fitness Goals for 2019

Like every year, people are still conscious about health and fitness goals for 2019. Obviously, there is some changes in the ranking of these fitness goals according to changing priorities of people. Let’s have a look on the best health and fitness goals for 2019.

Losing the Fat

Loosing the fat always remained at first priority of people and nothing is strange in health and fitness goals of people for 2019. People will remain conscious about losing fats exactly in the same manner as they are in 2018.

Building Muscle

This year muscle building is ranked higher than other fitness goals due to rapidly changing attitude of people towards looking strong. So muscle building will be the 2nd most curious goal of people in 2019.

Photo by Nathan Cowley from Pexels

Getting Stronger

Obviously, getting stronger in real manner is compulsorily to look strong and build muscles. So, the third priority of people in 2019 will be getting strong by eating healthy food, taking energetic drinks and doing extensive exercises.

Improve Endurance

Surviving in the tense competitive working environment continuously and then spending quality time with beloved ones has become a challenge for the people that will be definitely higher in 2019. You can take motivational sessions to improve endurance for fighting the routine tensions. So, improving endurance should be your forth best health and fitness goal.

Improve Athletic Skills

The fifth best and vital health and fitness goal for 2019 should be improving athletic skills. This is the proven best way of fighting with complex tense situations and staying healthy and fit over the whole day. This activity not only drags your attentions from worries of family and office, but provides you an opportunity to spend quality time just for you and your best health.

Can people die of grief?

I believe so. My uncle succumbed to liver cancer on Wednesday. Apart from the terminal illness, I believed grief has been a big factor in his deterioration. The old man has yet to heal emotionally from the death of his daughter who also died of cancer in 2015. Since his daughter’s demise he became sickly and lonesome. The grief may have taken its toll on his health.

According to

“Among life events, loss of a loved one ranks as one of life’s greatest stresses. Unfortunately, virtually every one of us will have to work though this at some point, and for some this event poses special health dangers. We have long known that death of a husband or wife is sometimes followed within a few months by death of the surviving spouse. The common explanation is almost a cliche—”He died of a broken heart after he lost his wife.” In fact, this statement is often correct.”

At this point, I’m worried about my aunt’s welfare. She herself is not in good shape physically and yet she is dealing with the loss of another loved one…

Signs of a Cheating Spouse

When you exchange vows, you promise to love each other until death tears you apart. As more than half of all marriages in the United States now end in divorce, you may find that other things pull you apart. Before you talk to your family and friends about your marriage problems, you can look at some clear signs that indicate your spouse is a cheater.

Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

Cell Phone Grip

A common sign of a cheating spouse is when you notice that the person keeps a tight grip on his or her cell phone. This is especially common among those who previously never paid much attention to their phones. You might find that your spouse frequently takes phone calls outside of the room or that he or she ignores a ringing phone but then makes an excuse to leave the room to make a call. Cheaters often put locks on their phones to keep others out too.

More Attention

Many people think that cheaters will give their partners less attention, but the opposite is actually true in a large number of cases. Those who cheat feel more confident because of the others they see. They feel so confident that they have no problem lavishing attention on their spouses. Your husband or wife might take you out on dates and buy you expensive gifts or plan fun trips out of town. Cheaters think that they can give their partners more attention and keep their cheating secret.

Changes in Behavior

When you meet someone new, you feel like you’re on top of the world. You might call for psychic readings because you want to know if your relationship will last, and you might tell everyone you know about your new partner. As your relationship continues on though, you may find that your partner exhibits some serious changes in his or her behavior. Cheaters may take showers as soon as they get home, suddenly spend more time on their appearance, and began wearing new clothing. If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to talk to your spouse about what the future holds for you both.