Can people die of grief?

I believe so. My uncle succumbed to liver cancer on Wednesday. Apart from the terminal illness, I believed grief has been a big factor in his deterioration. The old man has yet to heal emotionally from the death of his daughter who also died of cancer in 2015. Since his daughter’s demise he became sickly and lonesome. The grief may have taken its toll on his health.

According to

“Among life events, loss of a loved one ranks as one of life’s greatest stresses. Unfortunately, virtually every one of us will have to work though this at some point, and for some this event poses special health dangers. We have long known that death of a husband or wife is sometimes followed within a few months by death of the surviving spouse. The common explanation is almost a cliche—”He died of a broken heart after he lost his wife.” In fact, this statement is often correct.”

At this point, I’m worried about my aunt’s welfare. She herself is not in good shape physically and yet she is dealing with the loss of another loved one…

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