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The Best Health and Fitness Goals for 2019

Like every year, people are still conscious about health and fitness goals for 2019. Obviously, there is some changes in the ranking of these fitness goals according to changing priorities of people. Let’s have a look on the best health and fitness goals for 2019.

Losing the Fat

Loosing the fat always remained at first priority of people and nothing is strange in health and fitness goals of people for 2019. People will remain conscious about losing fats exactly in the same manner as they are in 2018.

Building Muscle

This year muscle building is ranked higher than other fitness goals due to rapidly changing attitude of people towards looking strong. So muscle building will be the 2nd most curious goal of people in 2019.

Photo by Nathan Cowley from Pexels

Getting Stronger

Obviously, getting stronger in real manner is compulsorily to look strong and build muscles. So, the third priority of people in 2019 will be getting strong by eating healthy food, taking energetic drinks and doing extensive exercises.

Improve Endurance

Surviving in the tense competitive working environment continuously and then spending quality time with beloved ones has become a challenge for the people that will be definitely higher in 2019. You can take motivational sessions to improve endurance for fighting the routine tensions. So, improving endurance should be your forth best health and fitness goal.

Improve Athletic Skills

The fifth best and vital health and fitness goal for 2019 should be improving athletic skills. This is the proven best way of fighting with complex tense situations and staying healthy and fit over the whole day. This activity not only drags your attentions from worries of family and office, but provides you an opportunity to spend quality time just for you and your best health.

Just keep going

A friend posted this piece of advice on Facebook and thought of sharing this here to inspire those who are pursuing a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Patience. Let’s be realistic here. You won’t drop two jeans sizes in one day.
You won’t lose fifty pounds in one month. You’re going to binge
every now and then. You will go a day or two without working out.
Your weight is going to fluctuate here and there. You’re going to try
new techniques, and they’re not going to work. You’re human being.
You’re going to fail. But nothing great is ever accomplished
without a few obstacles.

Just keep going.


(taken last November)


(taken February of this year)

Sadly, from 143 lbs last Feb my weight increased to 146 lbs this month.

Slowly but surely

13 pounds lighter! 🙂

This was taken last Sunday (Oct. 21, 2012)

I was a hefty person three months ago. But with the help of an online weight loss challenge, I gradually lost an estimated 13 pounds. I’m still big, but my family and friends can see the big difference now. I’m happy with what I have gained so far without resorting to any medical intervention.

My family’s support counts a lot to keep me motivated. I’m religiously following a cardio and toning exercises (which I downloaded from the net), but stay on the modified version of the exercise (to keep me alive haha!).

The fitness instructor’s voice is loud enough (even without using a mic) to help me stay focused.

I’m enjoying level 2 of the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred so far.