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Exercise the Mind and Body With a Vacation to Essex County

Massachusetts is an ideal destination for travelers seeking a comprehensive vacation experience. The Bay State’s unmatchable mix of beauty, history and excitement entices visitors from around the world. Among the commonwealth’s most popular locations is Essex County. With attractions and activities to suit any taste, the northeastern county is a haven for those in search of a happy and healthy vacation.

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If maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle is important for your vacation, Essex County has you covered. Cape Ann features miles of beautiful coastline with ample opportunities for swimming, snorkeling, kayaking and paddleboarding. If you prefer to stay on land, golf courses mix challenging links with picturesque settings. Hiking is popular on Choate Island, where the Crane Wildlife Refuge is home to numerous species of birds.

Lunch at Andover Town and Market


After an exciting day of activities, you’ll need to replenish lost calories at one of the region’s charming restaurants or food markets. Oceanside bistros are perfect for any occasion. Whether it’s a romantic dinner for two or a meal for the entire family, imagine gazing upon the Atlantic Ocean while sampling the catch of the day. When looking for places to eat in andover ma you’ll find a bounty of healthy and gourmet cuisine, including the area’s most famous fare: lobsters and fried clams.

Jonathan Corwin House / The Witch House in Salem Village


There are no shortage of ways to exercise your muscles in Essex County, but that doesn’t mean your brain won’t get a workout, too. History is on full display throughout the region, with one of the most popular attractions being the Salem Witch Museum. Maritime history comes alive at the Essex Shipbuilding Museum, which features hands-on exhibits to entice young learners. Fine art lovers also have plenty to get excited about it. The Addison Gallery of American Art in Andover has more than 20,000 works in its collection of American art dating to the 18th century.

Whether you prefer a vacation on the go or one nice and slow, Essex County should be at the top of your vacation destinations. It’s the perfect place to exercise the mind, body and soul.

Rest and Relaxation

This season is a good time to reflect on things that we did or haven’t done  in the past year, and make amends. Holy Week is also the best time to rest and relax. Many are now probably heading towards the beach or other vacation spots in the Philippines carrying their backpacks. For those who choose to stay at home or could still be working on a project while on vacation, take time to plan a regular list of rest and relaxation activities.


Here’s a useful tip from the health and fitness experts:

  • Take a break. Plan a vacation with your family or close friends.
  • Meditate, or learn how to.
  • Talk to children.
  • Do something for other people rather than wasting time over your worries.
  • Avoid trying to do everything at once. Put your activities in an order of priority.
  • Take a warm bath at the end of a draining day.
  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Exercise regularly. Choose one exercise that you can enjoy. Do it frequently.
  • And take up creative hobbies – you will feel wonderfully satisfied.

*Don’t forget to reflect on the real purpose of the season.

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Camping time

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The Health Benefits of Taking a Vacation

It’s doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that all work and no play makes one dull. And being dull is the last thing anyone would want to be, I reckon. Other than being dull, if all you do is work all day and night, you will sooner or later feel your body paying the price for it. Your immunity will eventually start failing you, and every imaginable form of illness will most likely set in.

What you should do is occasionally take a break and go on a vacation. If you have the money for it, go book yourself and your family in one of those swanky Disney World hotels.

If you’re a little strapped for cash though, don’t let it stop you from getting that much-deserved vacation. Nowadays, there’s what’s called a “stay-cation”. You can simply spend a day or two just lounging around your backyard with a glass of icy lemonade in hand. Immerse yourself in that paperback you’ve been longing to read for the longest time.

When your body takes a breather from the humdrum and stresses of daily life, you feel more rejuvenated, and in effect, are more able to take on the challenges of your work. So, don’t deprive yourself of a break. Take it, before your body screams for mercy.