Get Your Security Deposit Back With These 3 Easy Steps

Moving into a new rental property can be an exciting time. In the rush to get into the place, you make forget to make getting your security deposit back a priority. Keeping your rented house or apartment in pristine shape is essential to making sure that there can be no reason to not get your deposit back (which can often be a whole month’s rent). 

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

1. Care for Your Floor

Moving furniture in can scratch floors and dent walls if care is not taken. Even after furniture is moved in, day-to-day living can create scuff marks and scratches that can be difficult to remove. Being proactive and installing rugs under large pieces of furniture or furniture leg protectors can help avoid unsightly scratches on pretty floors. For example, desk leg protectors, table leg protectors and bed leg protectors are inexpensive ways to ensure that you do not cause damage to your floor while going about your daily life. 

2. Protect Your Walls

Most people like to have fun family pictures or art on their walls. After all, it makes a rented space feel more homey and like your own. However, large frames and pieces of art can create unsightly holes in the walls. Make sure that you have permission from your landlord before putting any nails in the wall to avoid any conflicts over your security deposit. 

3. Keep it Clean

If you routinely clean your space and keep things neat and tidy, it will make the eventual moving out process much easier. When all of your things are already organized and not scattered about, you can pack faster. Also, by performing regular cleaning tasks you can avoid stains or other issues when moving out. 

By caring for your floors, walls and keeping everything clean and neat, you will give your landlord no reason to keep that security deposit.

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