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The Unseen Problems Caused By Mice

For many homeowners the first indication there is an issue with mice is when you see one run across the kitchen floor. It’s usually a bit of a shock but relatively harmless. However, if you’ve seen one mouse then you can bet there are plenty more, and they’re making your house their home.

That’s not a good thing. Mice carry an array of diseases, but, they can also cause significant issues to your home, most of which won’t be visible. Although the damage may not be visible, it is likely to be costly to repair. That’s why you need to get the pest control experts in as soon as possible. They’ll be able to set traps to catch and kill the invaders.

Image by andreas N from Pixabay

Of course, a good pest control service will also locate the nest and ensure all the mice have been killed or removed. In addition, they’ll help you to locate the mice entry points and seal them up.

That will leave you to assess the damage caused by your furry invaders.

Wood Holes

Mice have great teeth and are happy to chew through wood in order to access food. You may think your food is safe in the cupboard but, if the mice can smell it, they’ll chew through the wood to get to it.

This can mean damage to your flooring or furnishings, in extreme cases, they can even damage timbers that are essential to the structural integrity of your home.


Mice tend to urinate and drop waste as they run around your floors and surfaces, contact with their waste can be just as harmful as being bitten by them or preparing food on a surface they’ve walked on.

But, the bigger issue is that mice tend to urinate in dark corners. If you have several mice urinating in the same place it’s going to start smelling. You’re also going to be looking at damp damage, potentially rotting your floor, which will be a costly repair.


Once mice have found a house that has food, water, and warmth, they’ll be eager to create their nest. To do this they use a variety of different materials, and it’s not always soft cushioning. In fact, mice generally find the sheathing n your electrical wires to be useful when creating a nest. Of course, chewing through this sheathing leaves your wires exposed and dramatically increases the risk of shorts in your electrical circuits. It can even be the cause of a fire.

You’ll need your electrical inspected regularly by a qualified electrician and have an extra check after a mouse issue. If you’re lucky you can replace sections of your electricity instead of having to re-wire your entire house.


When the mice are moving around inside your walls they are creating tunnels, allowing them safe passage around your home. While doing this they will damage your insulation and even the wooden studs in your walls. This can lead to an increase in energy bills and even a need to replace the internal walls.

That’s why you need to take action quickly if you even think you have a mouse issue.

Get Your Security Deposit Back With These 3 Easy Steps

Moving into a new rental property can be an exciting time. In the rush to get into the place, you make forget to make getting your security deposit back a priority. Keeping your rented house or apartment in pristine shape is essential to making sure that there can be no reason to not get your deposit back (which can often be a whole month’s rent). 

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

1. Care for Your Floor

Moving furniture in can scratch floors and dent walls if care is not taken. Even after furniture is moved in, day-to-day living can create scuff marks and scratches that can be difficult to remove. Being proactive and installing rugs under large pieces of furniture or furniture leg protectors can help avoid unsightly scratches on pretty floors. For example, desk leg protectors, table leg protectors and bed leg protectors are inexpensive ways to ensure that you do not cause damage to your floor while going about your daily life. 

2. Protect Your Walls

Most people like to have fun family pictures or art on their walls. After all, it makes a rented space feel more homey and like your own. However, large frames and pieces of art can create unsightly holes in the walls. Make sure that you have permission from your landlord before putting any nails in the wall to avoid any conflicts over your security deposit. 

3. Keep it Clean

If you routinely clean your space and keep things neat and tidy, it will make the eventual moving out process much easier. When all of your things are already organized and not scattered about, you can pack faster. Also, by performing regular cleaning tasks you can avoid stains or other issues when moving out. 

By caring for your floors, walls and keeping everything clean and neat, you will give your landlord no reason to keep that security deposit.

How Much Snow Is Too Much for Your Roof?

If you live in an area that gets significant snow during the winter months, you might have cause to wonder about the snow load on roof. The weight of snow that a roof can handle is called the snow load. Several factors affect a roof’s ability to handle snow including the pitch, the amount of bracing in the roof and the distribution of the load.

Photo by Nadine Wuchenauer from Pexels


The steeper the pitch, the less likely the roof is to collapse under the weight because the snow slides off quickly. Areas that get a lot of snow have steeply pitched roofs, although porch roofs and additions are sometimes flatter. This can be a problem when snow gives way higher up and falls onto a shallower roof, especially if the rafters are not braced.


Properly constructed roof trusses have collar ties that go across the face of one rafter to another. Unfortunately, homeowners or inexperienced contractors sometimes remove the collar ties to get more headroom into an attic space. This weakens the roof structure and lessens the snow load on the roof.

Load Distribution

With all of those problems, why don’t more roofs collapse during a heavy snowfall? Three factors work together to protect a roof. The first is that rafters have a certain amount of give to them, which allows them to bend under a load. Bending doesn’t sound good, but when combined with the roof sheathing, the load is distributed over a larger area. Finally, the snow doesn’t stay there for very long. The wind blows it off the roof, it melts or it is removed before the roof is in danger.


A tool called a roof rake is very helpful for clearing piled up snow from a roof. It looks like a shovel with a bent handle and sections can be added to allow you to remove the snow without going onto the roof.

Don’t take chances with your roof. Make sure it is well-constructed and safe.

Don’t Let Rodents Room In Your Yard

After working hard to maintain a beautiful landscape and home, it can be frustrating to find out that you are currently housing a rodent. Gophers and moles love to live in the cool dirt below your yard or garden. If that’s all they did it may not be so bad. Unfortunately, harboring one of these rodents means they have a food source nearby (your yard). In addition, the tunnels and mounds they make in your yard are an eyesore. Boarding one of these pests on your property can destroy the tranquility you have worked hard to maintain and expect from your home.

Repellex understands the hard work you have put into keeping your home looking beautiful. We also know that you don’t want to dump a bunch of harmful chemicals into your yard, which can be dangerous for children, pets, and the food you grow. That’s why we have created several products that help you keep gophers, voles, and moles away from your home.

Our products work as a home remedy gopher repellent. These products are safe and effective. Each one works into the soil to protect your garden or yard by creating an uninviting environment for these rodents. When applied to your yard, these products will create a barrier at the root level that is safe for your plants. The Ready-to-Spray mixture is great as an initial application to repel pests fast. The granular and tablet products last longer than the spray, but does take longer to start working. For a solid defense, try using our Ready-to-Spray mix first and then supplement it with our granular or tablet options after your initial application to keep the rodents at bay.

And because Repellex uses natural ingredients, you can be assured that using this product wont be harmful on your yard. With no harmful pesticides or chemicals, you can feel safe using this around children and pets. Please be aware that Repellex is not to be used on edible plants. Each product is effective in getting rid of moles in a way that is safe for dogs now by checking out here.