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3 Ways To Keep Your Skin Calm and Comfortable

Raise your hand if you’ve ever mistaken your skin for a shrunken wool sweater. Nod if you’ve tried a sleeping mask, only to wake up seeing a complexion reminiscent of your eighth-grade school picture. Wave if you’ve gotten a bit too scrub-happy when the mood to exfoliate hit. Stand up if your laundry detergent has made your skin angry. Most people are no stranger to skin sensitivities! Here are three simple ways to keep your skin calm and comfortable.

Photo by Coline Haslé on Unsplash

Set a Timer 

How amazing is a hot shower? Each minute in that steamy paradise is doing your skin more harm than good. Add in a soapy loofah, and you can expect to be scratching later — especially in the cooler months. So, before you jump in the shower, set your phone’s timer for 10 minutes. That’s plenty of time for a lather and a rinse (but hold the repeat)! When your skin is damp, apply moisturizer from tip to toe.

Don’t Overcomplicate Things

With thousands of skincare products available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and confused. For many people, switching to skin products such as a botanical skin moisturizer Germantown TN — be it a complete switch or just a few products — has been critical to finding a skincare routine that gets the job done. Typically, organic products have shorter labels and use ingredients you have most likely heard of, such as shea butter and soy. A simpler routine using simpler products is a great first step to meeting some skin sensitivities head on.

Visit Your Laundry Room

There’s nothing like climbing into a bed made with freshly laundered sheets, especially when it rivals visiting a lavender field. But when you wake up in the middle of the night covered in hives, reality sets in pretty quickly. You are not in a field of lavender, and your bed is not Provence. It’s easy enough to overlook items that aren’t directly skincare related, and that can result in a trial-and-error process to find laundry detergent that does the job without wreaking havoc on your skin.   

While there’s no guarantee these adjustments are the cure-all, taking note of certain triggers is a great place to start. The sooner you spot what ails you, the sooner you can swap it out. Happy healing! 

On my way to recovery

I was battling a bad cough and sore throat for more than a week now. I felt flu-like symptoms on New Year’s Eve. However, the symptoms didn’t progress to flu until two or three days later. The cough was so severe that I end up with a bad case of sore throat. It was painful to swallow. I thought I wouldn’t get better even after taking some medicines. I was just planning to see a doctor (and buy a military coin) this weekend. The medicine gradually works though. I’m thankful that I will not spend a single centavo for a checkup. I’m also glad hubby was here to take care of me (and do the chores for me too).

Allergies and You

That popping their allergy prescription before eating something they know will have them ending up all red and blotchy is not a very healthy practice but has been a common day-to-day activities for most people with allergies to a lot of different food items, most especially fish and sea foods. Although you might certainly feel most deprived if you will not eat these delicious and mouth-watering foods it will always be best to always avoid those food items that you know can be harmful to you, than to be sorry in the end. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” remember the line? And it does ring true to this day. So instead of eating half-a-serving or skipping the lobster tails, why not skip that dish altogether and settle for the salad or the pasta instead. You wouldn’t want to clog your body with all the anti-allergy prescriptions, plus your body will thank you for it.