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Allergies and You

That popping their allergy prescription before eating something they know will have them ending up all red and blotchy is not a very healthy practice but has been a common day-to-day activities for most people with allergies to a lot of different food items, most especially fish and sea foods. Although you might certainly feel most deprived if you will not eat these delicious and mouth-watering foods it will always be best to always avoid those food items that you know can be harmful to you, than to be sorry in the end. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” remember the line? And it does ring true to this day. So instead of eating half-a-serving or skipping the lobster tails, why not skip that dish altogether and settle for the salad or the pasta instead. You wouldn’t want to clog your body with all the anti-allergy prescriptions, plus your body will thank you for it.