Treatment for drug users

Part of my former job was to come up with human interest story. In my search for a good story material, I reached the drug rehab in the southern part of Metro Manila. There I met four individuals who will be the subject of my interview. They were taken in for drug treatment. All four were hooked on ecstacy, a party drug known by its several street names – X, Rave, Love Drug, Flying Saucer, LBD “Libido”, Jagged Little Pill, Artist Drug, Hug Drug, MDA, MDEA, XTC, E, Eckie, Love Doves. I heard the weirdest to the kinkiest experiences they have when they were high on the drug pill.

The Drug Treatment facility has slowly helped them recover from addiction. But it took a while before they finally accepted their condition. They were dealing with denial at the initial stage of the treatment, but with the proper medication and encouragement from their families, their friends, medical staff down to their own peers inside the rehab, they were able to pull through.

Addiction Treatment, according to experts I spoke with at the center, begins at home. They said families or relatives of people in dire need of help should be able to assist the patients and not reject them for what they have become. They should persuade the patient to seek medical attention. The help doesn’t end from sending them to the rehab center. Once the patients have recovered and released from the treatment facility, there should still be emotional support from the families to prevent them from sliding back into addiction. The treatment and recovery period is crucial to the person’s healing from addiction.

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