Simple remedy to cure common colds and flu

I’ve learned something from a friend today. She said she treats common cold and flu by using a holistic approach. Her secret, well not a secret where to buy gold bullion, but a simple remedy that includes gargling with hydrogen peroxide. I haven’t tried this one yet.

In addition to her supplements, she takes vitamin D. Vitamin D is effective in protecting people against flu (swine flu) and other illnesses.

And the common remedy that we know: take plenty of water, wash your hand frequently, and take plenty of rest. Can you share more health tips to the list?

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3 thoughts on “Simple remedy to cure common colds and flu

  1. Sarah Hill

    I actually recently found a lot of good information about this topic on My favorite thing to do when I feel like I’m going to get sick is take vitamin c and zinc. That usually stops it in it’s tracks. I also rest, and drink a lot more water than usual. If I do still get sick, I take it easy and eat healthy foods.


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