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Zumba Express

Hubby just finished downloading the zumba instructional video and 20-minute express on my desktop. I’m excited to watch the whole video tomorrow morning. Now, I’m officially joining the zumba craze although a bit late compared to my friends who have been doing it for months and years now.

I’m adding zumba to my exercise regimen as part the effort to lose weight. Even if the one-month challenge will come to an end, I’ll definitely continue what I have started and now I’ve added dancing to the list. It’s a choice I have made to be healthy and fit – not just for myself but for the people I care for.

I need all the energy tomorrow morning to learn and enjoy zumba. There’s no health exam life to think about for now.

Good luck to me!

Nestle Fitnesse Shape up Night


What: Nestle Fitnesse Shape up Night
When: Saturday, March 31, 2012 6:00pm until 9:00pm
Where: NBC Tent

Don’t miss out on the NESTLÉ FITNESSE® SHAPE UP NIGHT! Featuring Zumba Fitness party, the newest and most anticipated summer party of the year! It promotes the fun side of health and wellness, the perfect combination of NESTLÉ FITNESSE® and Zumba. Party with international Zumba specialist, David Velez, in this exclusive event. This will be the biggest gathering of empowered people who want to stay healthy and have fun at the same time.

Source: www.dancepinoy.com

Dance workout

Call me a pessimist. But when it comes to work out and losing weight, I don’t see myself to succeed on my own. Why? I have a tendency to procrastinate. I used to watched and dance along this Tae-bo video hosted by an American instructor. I was able to follow for a few days, but after a while, got tired of it and eventually forgot about the whole work-out program. What’s good about doing workout at home is that I don’t have to wear a special getup to exercise. I can wear anything comfortable like shorts or my pajama. I can even exercise even when I’m wearing my favorite sterling silver bracelets. The whole point of working out is to lose weight and not what I wear, after all. Now, I’m planning to start all-over again with a new dance fitness program. How about zumba?

New Year, New You

2011 gave birth to new and exciting work out and exercise routines, including Zumba, and it has also been kind to alternative form of keeping fit, like Yoga, Capoeira, and the likes. I bet you’ve have tried one, if not all of them, this year. If not, where have you been hiding?

Okay, it is really never too late to try out these healthy options, in fact, the new year is one opportune time to try them out. How does a new you for the New Year sounds to you? Tempting, right? It is not only the health buffs or those dedicated ones who frequent the gyms who deserved to be healthy. You do to + you owe it to yourself and your loved ones.

For starters, you can probably try out Yoga, enroll in a class or learn through video demos. Try out the simple pose first before attempting the highly complicated ones, those will take a huge amount of practice and agility to master, anyway. Slowly as you go deeper into the practice, you will see the physical manifestations, as well as the health and mental benefits, it brings you.

Here’s to a healthier you in 2012!