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Yoga: A Moving Meditation

Most people are aware of the potential health benefits, physical as well as mental, that exercise can provide. Therefore, many individuals have incorporated workouts into their schedules; their daily routines may involve cycling, walking, or lifting weights. A different type of exercise, the practice of yoga, might be less familiar. Yoga can, however, offer health benefits to those who make it a part of their lifestyle.

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What is Yoga?

Yoga is an integrative, mind-body practice; its Sanskrit root means to join, connect, or balance. The Bhagwad Gita, a classical text on yoga, explains that “yoga is equanimity of mind in success and failure.” Although yoga exists in various forms or styles, they all share the general core components of controlled breathing, a series of physical poses or postures, and meditation or relaxation. Recognized as a “moving meditation” in Eastern cultures, yoga can complement a person’s regular workout routine.       

Are There Health Benefits?

People can experience improved fitness, including better flexibility, balance, strength, and range of motion. Individuals may also feel that their levels of anxiety and stress have decreased while their overall mood and sense of well-being have been enhanced. Some people find that when symptoms of anxiety and depression occur, they are more capable of managing these symptoms.

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Yoga may assist in the prevention of various chronic conditions; risk factors for high blood pressure and heart disease may be reduced. Furthermore, for those individuals who have chronic conditions of asthma, insomnia, arthritis, pain, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), yoga might help in relieving their symptoms.

Who Can Participate?

As people age, increases in health concerns often follow, but age is not a barrier to practicing yoga. In an effort to encourage older adults to participate, some yoga studios offer senior discounts yoga Bainbridge Island WA.

While yoga is generally regarded as safe for most individuals, there are some precautions. Those with a medical condition should consult with a doctor before beginning yoga. As well, it is important to learn yoga from a trained professional and to listen to the body as it engages in this moving meditation.

Yoga position to facilitate digestion and elimination

Do you have problem with digestion or elimination? I guess this yoga position called spine twist will help you solve your digestion and elimination problem.

This is how you do it. Lie on your back with your arms out to the sides at shoulder height and your legs extended. Then, bend and lift your right knee toward your chest, keeping your left leg on the floor and turn your head to the side so you’re gazing over your right shoulder. After this, slowly lower your right knee across your body to the left (you can place your left hand on it for a deeper stretch or to help hold it in position). Hold for several breaths, relaxing knee toward the floor as far as possible. Switch sides and repeat. (Steps and photo credits: ivillage.com.)

I hope this yoga position could also help those in dire need of losing weight. If there are effective yoga positions that could actually help one to shed unwanted pounds, then no one will go gaga over artificial means.

Do you know of yoga positions that can help you lose weight?

Benefits of Yoga to Kids and Adults Alike


One of the new exercises that kids and adults can participate in is Yoga. Yoga has gained a lot of respect over the past few years because of the way it relaxes people. It has been said that Yoga can help people get in touch with their spiritual selves. They are also able to connect with their bodies in a deeper level and that is the reason why they become flexible. It is the reason why there are some companies now who are making items that can be used to make Yoga easier. Some people say that they try Yoga ball. There are also some people who make sure that they have the complete equipment to make Yoga more comfortable.

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Yoga at Home

People sometimes say that it is not possible to do Yoga at home because there is no instructor. As long as you know already what you would have to do and once you are already familiar with the concepts that you would have to follow, doing Yoga at home is easy and possible. Since Yoga would require you to relax and feel at ease with yourself, it might be a good idea to shop auralex. The auralex will help the room that you are in free from the external noise that might distract you while doing yoga. Aside from that, you would also need to have basic things like the yoga mat and also your full yoga gear.