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Our Plan For Valentine’s Day

Just before hubby goes to work today, I asked him where he will take me on Valentine’s Day. Even if I knew the answer, I still asked him anyway. He won’t say no, of course, but he has his way of making me smile. His usual reply is a nod and a naughty smile. We don’t go out on a date for a long time. We don’t have or haven’t had a romantic type of date yet, you know the part in romantic movies where the dashing leading man put a lovely cubic zirconia rings on their blushing girlfriend’s hand. Oh no, we are not likely to have a romantic date like that and unlikely for us to have one. We might just end up laughing at each other because it’s too cheesy for us. 😀

We don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day. If the occasion falls on a weekend, we go out with the kids. When our children were little, we would bring them to the mall and let them ride the carousel and then have a light snack at our favorite pizza house before we head home. Sometimes we buy some stuff for the house or personal gadget. Those were the little pleasures we enjoyed in the past Valentine’s Day.

This year, I’m not sure where our feet will take us. Maybe we are going out or simply enjoy a good movie at home. Whatever we have on the occasion itself, we’ll just enjoy it. 🙂 How about you what is your plan on Valentine’s Day?