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How much sleep do I need

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How much sleep does a person need? For a person my age, six hours of sleep is enough to make me feel energetic all day. But sometimes it becomes more difficult to get a good night’s sleep as people age. It rarely happens to me though because music helps me to sleep. I used to listen to classical and instrumental (sound of best mid range acoustic guitar) music. The sound seems to clear my mind off any worries before I go to bed.

Clean bill of health for my son

We went to the doctor for our follow-up checkup the other day and she recommended another set of blood test for my son to determine the glucose and ionized calcium in his blood. She wanted to make sure that my son is not a candidate for endocrine disorders such as diabetes.

Hubby took our son to the hospital’s lab section the following day for his blood test, the result of which came out a few hours later.

I texted the pediatrician the results of the blood test, and thankfully, she said that it is within the normal level just like the result of the first blood exam taken last week.

The pedia said that my son’s food intake may not be sufficient to support his normal growth. He is 12 and stands 5″7, but his food intake is suitable for a young child’s diet.

The medicines that he took for one week had helped him recover from his occasional cough. His vitamins, on the other hand, are responsible for his weight improvement. I guess he gained a pound; he is no longer pale and rarely has dizzy spells.

To speed up his recovery, the pedia advised him to go to bed early, drink milk twice a day and eat protein-rich food. Drinking milk is fine with the kid, but hitting the sack by 9 p.m., well, we’re still working on that department as he has trouble falling asleep at night.

If I can manage to bring my son to a health spa, I will have him undergo massage montréal specifically massotherapy. Massotherapy is a medical or therapeutic treatment by massage. This has been proven effective by experts for the quick recovery from an illness or injury as it helps improve the functions of the muscles, blood, nerve and bones.

For now, he has to spare a few minutes away from the computer or TV set and exercise lest he wants to be sick again.

The need for a good night’s sleep

A well-rested body definitely makes a person more productive and even looks good. Sleeping gives our body the time to repair and detoxify, thus it brings back the strength that we lost during the day.

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How much sleep do we really need to regain our strength? The amount of sleep that people need varies. If the sleep you have makes you feel good and do well, then you have enough. But for adults, five to six hours of sleep is more than enough.

Comfort of sleeping. Besides a well-ventilated room, one needs comfortable clothes like cheap lingerie or shirts and shorts to have a sound sleep.

Remember that a good night’s sleep refreshes the body. Lack of it makes you cranky or irritable.