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Prank callers

We used to receive prank calls on our landline when our phone was newly installed in the mid 1990s. A telephone company offered the fast telephone connection for a minimal fee back then that almost all households in our area have a phone line. Pranksters were rude teenagers who would ask for anyone’s name and would curse for no apparent reason. So many times, I dare not answer the phone especially at night. I wish we have professional voice changer at home during those times for security purposes. It could easily drive those pranksters away once a male voice in deep tone answers the phone. Professional voice changer can easily transform female voice to male voice. I could set my voice in deep tone to scare pranksters. How I wish I could give those terrible prank callers a dose of their own medicine. We don’t have prank callers anymore but I still get prank calls not from unidentified people, but from hubby himself. He is fond of teasing me over the phone by pretending someone else when I answer the phone. He mimics someone else’s voice and does not need a voice changer to be effective.