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Passage to manhood

The young person here will enter this stage soon. I’m talking about my son who is scheduled to have a circumcision next week.

In the Philippines, circumcision is seen as a rite of passage for adolescent boys. It is also considered a part of men’s personal hygiene, since the foreskin is considered ‘dirty’ in local culture.

My son is actually old enough to undergo the minor procedure. But because he is always sick his pediatrician would defer the circumcision until the time he is well. This summer, hubby and I thought that it’s about time to have our son undergo the minor surgical procedure. The boy feels awkward because he’s taller than the usual kid who underwent circumcision and younger than he is. However, if we postpone the circumcision for next year, it would make him feel more uneasy.

Passage to manhood (for me) also means that he (my son) should be responsible in his every action. And by that, I mean he should never ever try to smoke (cigarettes, gurkha cigars or whatever brand there is). It’s a good thing my son is well aware of the health consequences of smoking.