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Tips to Help Manage Stress

Everyone deals with stress, but it can be difficult to manage when it starts to accumulate. If you’ve noticed that stress is continuing to affect your mood and getting in the way of your everyday responsibilities and activities you enjoy, then you may want to take action to lower your stress levels. Here are some tips to try.

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Let it All Out

Stress often forms because you simply have many thoughts or worries going on in your brain, causing you to feel overwhelmed. One of the best ways to relieve stress is by talking to a trusted friend or loved one about what’s going on in your life; they don’t need to give advice, just listen. Other effective ways to let go of stress are to write about your thoughts and feelings, try stress therapy San Jose CA or start exercising regularly to release the tension in your body.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of staying present and letting go of worries about the past or present. Examples of mindfulness activities include deep breathing, meditation and yoga. Although the greatest benefits of mindfulness can be seen after continued practice, deep breathing and meditation can be used any time you’re feeling stressed. By focusing on your breathing and emptying your mind, you ground yourself and prevent your mind from getting lost in a spiral of worries.

Take Time for Things You Enjoy

Stress can make you feel like you don’t have any time to spare for leisure activities, but it’s important to make time in your busy schedule for your favorite hobbies simply because they make you feel good. Examples include anything from playing a sport to watching television to just spending time with friends and family. Carving out even a small amount of time for hobbies can be a reprieve from daily stressors.

Don’t let your worries get in the way of your life. By finding outlets to manage your thoughts and feelings and relieve tension, you can take control of your stress.

Manage that stress for a healthy heart

WOMEN are prone to stress, but they cope up easily than men, so doctors say.

“Prone ang babae sa stress than men. I always compare them (women) to a bamboo tree or ‘yantok’. Emotionally, parati silang nagre react kaagad. Men do not show it. They are just like hard wood. When they break, they break. They (men) are strong sup­posedly.

“Women can have a lot of stress, but like a bam­boo they are very mallea­ble. Hindi mapuputol un­less lagariin mo. Ang wood madaling mag-break ‘yan. Women know how to cope up with stress rather than male,” said Dr. Ferdinand Ayuyao, one of thedoctor moderators at the weekly health forum at Anabel’s Restaurant in Quezon City.

Some activities that cause stress to a person are his being problema­tic, those who are always in deep thought (parating nag-iisip o palaisip) and temperamental (parating maiinit ang ulo).

Any person who dwells on endless task at home and at work could be classified as the type-A personality, according to Cardiologist Efren Vicaldo, of the Philippine Heart As­sociation.

“Sila ‘yung always on the go. May high target of accomplishing certain task at a very short span of time,” he said at the fo­rum.

The type-B personali­ty, on the other hand, are the more relax type of a person.

“Puwedeng i-set aside for a while ang trabaho,” Vicaldo said.

Ayuyao, a pulmonolo­gist, said the type-A per­sonality are more prone to disease adding that stress is an important risk factor of hyperten­sion.

“Ang type A ang at risk na magkaroon ng disease. Pero hindi mo maaalis ang stress. How­ever, kahit may stress ka kung wala ka namang family history (of hyper­tension), kumakain ka ng tama, may healthy life­ style ka, hindi ka rin magkakaroon ng hyper­tension.

“But definitely stress will lead to a lot of problem hindi lang hypertension or heart disease. Puwede ‘yung the way you think, mental capability or psychiatric aspect like depression,” Ayuyao told People’s Tonight.

At the moment, there is no (past or current) sta­tistics to show the rela­tion of stress to heart ail­ment.

“Wala pang statistics (that would link stress-re­lated activities to heart ailment) on that. Usually makikita lang nila (doc­tors) ‘yan when they (pa­tient) go to the clinic. They (doctors) ask them kung ano ang trabaho, how do you (patient) go about stress? I don’t think there is statistics alluding to that. But that is a good study pero wala pa,” Ayuyao noted.

Cardiologists said that stress is a modifiable fac­tor. People only need to slow down with their work
or minimize getting themselves down by problems.

“Kapag na-overtax mo ang sarili mo lumalabas ang adrenalin…it narrows down blood vessel that could cause hypertension and also slows down the flow of blood that could lead to atherosclerosis,” health experts said.

Ayuyao said people who hold managerial or executive positions, pro­fessors, and even journal­ists are prone to stress. “When you have a lot of responsibility you have to think a lot,” he stressed. – Miriam Torrecampo

Published on Feb. 23, 2005, People’s Tonight

Things you can do to manage stress

Some people get stressed out easily when they dwell on endless task at home and at work. They are always on the go and have a high target of accomplishing certain task at a very short span of time.

On the other hand, there are people who tackle duties and other activities the more relax way. They can even manage to set aside work for a while.

Experts said stress is a modifiable factor. People only need to slow down with their work or minimize getting themselves down by problems.

On the other hand, trying new things or learning more about what you are interested in brings enjoyment and happiness, despite the increase of commitments.

There are a lot of things that you can do to manage the effects of stress. Sometimes going out or play with your kids’ ps3 games or online games can also help you relax and veer away with your stress-causing problem(s) for a while. Sleeping or listening to a soothing sound while lying comfortably on your bed or sofa can also help you relax.