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Things you can do to manage stress

Some people get stressed out easily when they dwell on endless task at home and at work. They are always on the go and have a high target of accomplishing certain task at a very short span of time.

On the other hand, there are people who tackle duties and other activities the more relax way. They can even manage to set aside work for a while.

Experts said stress is a modifiable factor. People only need to slow down with their work or minimize getting themselves down by problems.

On the other hand, trying new things or learning more about what you are interested in brings enjoyment and happiness, despite the increase of commitments.

There are a lot of things that you can do to manage the effects of stress. Sometimes going out or play with your kids’ ps3 games or online games can also help you relax and veer away with your stress-causing problem(s) for a while. Sleeping or listening to a soothing sound while lying comfortably on your bed or sofa can also help you relax.

How to manage the effects of stress

Are you still dealing with the symptoms of burnout? Now, here’s a list of things that you can do to manage (your) stress and its effects better.

1. Recognize the minor irritants or hassles that upset you.

2. Accept what you cannot change and work on things that you have good control of.

3. Learn the Correct Breathing Techniques.

4. Do simple stretching activities.

5. Learn simple mental relaxation techniques.

6. Recognize your physical reactions, tensions and body aches.

7. Have a good massage of the neck, shoulder and back muscles.

8. Hone your muscles, exercise 25-30 minutes at least 3 x a week.

9. Maintain a healthy Life Style:

-     reduce alcohol intake

-     have adequate sleep

-     have proper nutrition

-     enough rest and relaxation

10. Find meaning in what you do

11. Attend Stress Management Trainings/Workshops

12. Smile (it takes 15 muscles to smile and 48 muscles to frown).

Source: National Mental Health Program