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PRK Surgery vs. Lasik: Which is Best for You?

When it comes to corrective eye surgery, there are two primary options available. Depending on what your vision diagnosis is, certain types of surgery will work better than others. Of course, before you undergo corrective surgery, you want to be confident that it’s right for your eyes. So how do you know which is better suited for you? 

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PRK Surgery

PRK surgery, or photorefractive keratectomy, is a corrective eye surgery that works by correcting the shape of your cornea itself. The cornea focuses light onto the lens in your eye, so any flaws in its shape can lead to poor vision. PRK surgery corrects the shape of your cornea, allowing light to project correctly without any warps to its form. People with blurry vision have seen positive results with this form of surgery, but there are some drawbacks. To qualify for PRK surgery, you have to have generally healthy eyes, and your vision can’t be warped past a certain point. If you’re unsure if you’re right for PRK surgery Arlington WA, talk to your ophthalmologist. They’ll be able to evaluate what type of surgery is best for you.

Lasik Surgery

Perhaps the most common form of corrective eye surgery is Lasik eye surgery. Similar to PRK surgery, Lasik helps correct the shape of the cornea to more accurately focus light onto the lens of the eye. This procedure is non-invasive, performed in an outpatient facility, and has a wide success rate. When you go in for this surgery, your doctor will use lasers to create a small flap in your cornea before reshaping the surface. The flap will then be lowered and fuse back onto the surface of your eye. While both methods of surgery are effective, Lasik is considered slightly more dangerous simply because of the healing risks from the extra flap of tissue. Before deciding on a form of surgery, ask your eye doctor for their opinion. They’ll always have your best interests at heart. 

Why Seeing a Specialist Matters

Improving your health means taking the time to visit the doctor now and again. As you get older, you want to get into the habit of annual checkups to ensure you’re doing what’s best for the needs of your body. Of course, there may come times when you’re faced with an ailment that may need more specific attention. This is where seeing a specialist comes into play. Medical specialists are doctors who have taken the time to become experts in specific fields. Visiting with one of these professionals can be a great move to make.

Target Specific Problems

While your primary care physician may be capable of treating a range of health concerns, he or she might not have the ability to take care of more involved problems. Should you experience a problem with your vision, it can be much more beneficial to see an ophthalmologist. Experts like Kang Zhang  who have studied ophthalmology are more adept at diagnosing and treating ocular disorders. If there’s a doctor who specializes in the area you’re experiencing an issue, then you definitely want to consider this as a top option for treatment.

Primary Care

It can also be helpful to know exactly what your primary care physician can help you with. Specialists may be suited to handle cardiovascular disease or ear infections, but your primary doctor is the person you should turn to for more commonplace ailments. When you need preventative care like immunizations or a checkup, this is the professional to see. Your doctor is also the person who is likely to initially diagnose a more complicated problem and refer you to a recommended specialist.

Knowing where to turn when you’ve got a health problem can be a huge help. When you’re faced with an ailment that seems specific, it is best to see a specialist. Ask your primary care physician for a recommendation and find the best solution for your needs.

Straightening things out!

There is a very common condition among adults that we tend to overlook. Adults sometimes suffer from a serious aesthetic condition called Strabismus, which causes the misalignment of the eyes. It can be easily recognized by the way in which the eyes are crossed. Many have heard of this condition by its slang name, “crossed eyes”. But this condition is far from being humorous and has stricken many people. Some adults were born with the condition and do not have it corrected in adulthood. But some, however, acquire the condition from strokes or brain tumors suffering with the condition along with side effect. Not only is the condition considered aesthetically unpleasing; it is also the cause of double vision which impairs the individual from doing many mundane things.

There are ways of correcting Strabismus in adults. One helpful solution is corrective lenses called prism lenses. The other is surgery. Of course the opt for wearing the lenses is the least invasive route. But the lenses do not correct the cosmetic problems with the condition. Many people eventually opt for surgery and prepare themselves for the healing process. Most individuals find the process worth the pain and suffering.

In some cases, one operation is not enough to permanently fix the problem. Sometimes, an additional procedure will be needed to complete the reconstruction of the ocular muscle. The surgery does have some risks, however; and it is best to be edcuated on the procedure. There is always the chance that the double vision may not entirely be corrected with the surgery. In most cases there is still temporary double vision which corrects itself over time. There is also serious risks which are fairly uncommon but should be taken into account. These risks include bleeding and retinal detachment. Risks are higher for those who have poor health to begin with.

There is some pain after the procedure is done. Most types of discomfort is headaches and the feeling of having something lodged in your eye. Most of these bad sensations will dissipate after just a few weeks post operation. The procedure is usual done by outpatient and directions are given as to how to take care of the eyes during the healing process. Although there are restrictions which prohibit swimming and heavy activity for the first couple of weeks, so most after effects will depend on the individuals desire to follow directions.

One popular inquiry about the repair of Strabismus is the question of insurance coverage. Different insurance companies have various rules and stipulations regarding surgical procedures. This is something worth looking into before proceeding.

Although Strabismus seems like a misfortunate problem, there are ways of correcting this issue making life just a little bit easier.

Strabismus Eye Surgery

eyesStrabismus is a condition of the eye where one of the six muscles is too short or strong. The muscles control eye movement, and if not corrected the eye will be permanently off centered. The ophthalmologist can perform various surgical procedures to help correct these issues.

Strabismus surgery for adults are performed daily. The procedures have advanced to the point where it is considered minimally invasive. The techniques are performed by using adjustable sutures to ensure that the eyes are aligned perfectly. This also optimizes vision.

Specialized teams of an expert physician, optometrist, and staff will guide you through what to expect. Eye surgery for strabismus is now easily obtained with minimal down time. The improvement of depth perception and visual focus will open the world of vision up to the procedure candidate. Hundreds of people every year are granted the ability to refocus on life by correcting this unfortunate birth defect.

A compassionate team is what one wants when dealing with strabismus correction. Patients can receive excellent service with a team that successfully leads in the field of this corrective surgery. Compassion and respect are the approach that this great team will take in providing the best experience one can have with such a procedure.

Seeking a doctor that has over twenty-five years of experience is going to be the key to the best outcome available. Finding a practice that cares, and is deeply committed to changing the lives of others through this revolutionary procedure will change ones life. The eye is delicate, and needs to be treated with extra precision. Find the team that uses the minimally invasive strabismus techniques. The end of suffering with eyes that do not line up is here with a staff that is professional and courteous.

An evaluation can take place as soon as you make the call. Options that are available will be explained in depth. All of your questions and concerns will be answered respectfully. Treating people with compassion and respect is the way this procedure will be done. Focusing on the individuals needs is the key in a successful practice. Make the call today and a team will make an appointment to start a procedure that can change your life. Courteous staff members will help answer all questions regarding what to expect. They will also help with any other needs such as insurance, and financial information. Make the call today, and be on your way to a successful strabismus procedure.