PRK Surgery vs. Lasik: Which is Best for You?

When it comes to corrective eye surgery, there are two primary options available. Depending on what your vision diagnosis is, certain types of surgery will work better than others. Of course, before you undergo corrective surgery, you want to be confident that it’s right for your eyes. So how do you know which is better suited for you? 

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PRK Surgery

PRK surgery, or photorefractive keratectomy, is a corrective eye surgery that works by correcting the shape of your cornea itself. The cornea focuses light onto the lens in your eye, so any flaws in its shape can lead to poor vision. PRK surgery corrects the shape of your cornea, allowing light to project correctly without any warps to its form. People with blurry vision have seen positive results with this form of surgery, but there are some drawbacks. To qualify for PRK surgery, you have to have generally healthy eyes, and your vision can’t be warped past a certain point. If you’re unsure if you’re right for PRK surgery Arlington WA, talk to your ophthalmologist. They’ll be able to evaluate what type of surgery is best for you.

Lasik Surgery

Perhaps the most common form of corrective eye surgery is Lasik eye surgery. Similar to PRK surgery, Lasik helps correct the shape of the cornea to more accurately focus light onto the lens of the eye. This procedure is non-invasive, performed in an outpatient facility, and has a wide success rate. When you go in for this surgery, your doctor will use lasers to create a small flap in your cornea before reshaping the surface. The flap will then be lowered and fuse back onto the surface of your eye. While both methods of surgery are effective, Lasik is considered slightly more dangerous simply because of the healing risks from the extra flap of tissue. Before deciding on a form of surgery, ask your eye doctor for their opinion. They’ll always have your best interests at heart. 

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