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Learning yoga one step at a time

I always wanted to try yoga but never had the time. And I’m not sure if I’m going to do it the right way. So today I researched and discovered that I can do simple yoga moves even without attending yoga classes.

I have to start with the basic pose called Balasana or Child’s Pose, which helps relieve stress.  I wish to get used to this move before I learn the next step.

Balasana or Child’s Pose

– Sit with your legs folded under you. The heel should touch your butt.
– Now slowly lower your chest onto your knees.
– Bring your face along with it and try to touch the ground with your forehead.
– Do not lift your into the air to do so. If the forehead does not touch the ground, take it till the point that your butt rests on your heel.
– Now stretch your arms either to the back or the front.
– Maintain this pose for 5 minutes.
– Make sure that you’re breathing deeply throughout.

Looks easy to learn, right? Once I’m done with this, I’m planning to join a group of PMC mommies who are into postcard exchange. I’ll send some postcards to friends through direct mail postcards whenever my schedule allows me.

Until my next yoga pose/post. Ciao! 🙂