When Labels Matter

I can say with conviction that a lot has definitely changed since I had kids. Now, nearly everything I do revolves around them. For instance, earlier this morning, I found myself looking at self adhesive labels UK from www.nameitlabels.co.uk, not for myself, but for my kids.

I am seriously considering getting them those I.C.E. or “in case of emergency” cards to attach to their school bags. It’ll have their names and contact info of persons to contact in the event of an emergency (God forbid!). You can even add any information about allergies on the card. That will give a somewhat paranoid mom like me a sense of security when they’re away.

I like that it’s tamper-proof and comes in sturdy and rigid plastic. Cable ties are used to attach them to wherever necessary. They come in different colors, so I’m sure even the kids will like it.

More than that, I also found personalized sew-in labels to sew on my kids’ shirts. I always worry about them getting their shirts mixed up with those of their teammates whenever they have badminton or volleyball practice, so the labels will really come in handy.

So it seems… labels are important to me.

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