I took my son to his pediatrician yesterday to check on not-so pretty signs of a looming health problem. He just recovered from cough. But we noticed some changes in him like his skin becomes pale. He has dark circles under his eyes. Worse, he seems to be losing weight. (Although he got several inches taller.)

I really planned on having my son checked by his pedia, but I just didn’t feel the urgency to make an appointment until he passed out yesterday afternoon. Good thing his dad was beside him to lift him up and let him sat on the sofa. We also let him drink water so he can breathe easily or clear his air passage.

I texted our pedia and told her what happened. She instructed us to go to her clinic so she could check him immediately.

The doctor said something about my son’s right lung (I forgot the term) and she said his cough may have been left untreated so it developed to pneumonia without our knowledge. She prescribed two types of meds for his lungs to be taken every eight hours, for one week. The doctor also gave him two types of vitamins to make him well. She also gave us a referral for blood test at the hospital where she serves as a consultant.

We got the blood test result within 30 minutes. We went home and called up the pedia to read to her the result. Fortunately, my son’s blood test showed normal for any infection. She told me to continue to administer the medicine and see her next week for a follow up check up.

I may be relieved of any worries about my son’s blood test result, but until he gets better, that will be the only time that I can breathe a sigh of relief.

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