Top 5 Beauty Tips for Autumn

Getting Set for Winter; Head to Toe!

For many in UK and Northern Europe it may seem as though we are still waiting for the advent of summer. From the soggy Diamond Jubilee to the climatically challenged London Olympics, summer 2012 was definitely a non-event. However, autumn is just around the corner and the annual beauty MOT is nearly upon us, so now is the time to buff and cosset our bodies for the worst of what the weather has to throw at us over the next 6 months.

Many of us forget the strains put on our hair during the winter months. Going from centrally heated homes and offices to cold, wet and windy streets will invariably leave our crowning glory brittle and dry, unmanageable and flyaway as the moisture is stripped away. Leading trichologist, Dr Apoorva Shah, explains that the skin of the scalp will become more flaky leaving us prone to dandruff and the hair follicles weakened. He recommends avoiding colour treatments and bleaching processes which will exacerbate the situation and using leave-in conditioners and serums to boost the moisture in the hair improving its manageability and health. Brushing a few drops of Moroccan Oil through the styled hair will also add lustre and shine, though for the penny watchers amongst us, adding vinegar or flat beer to the final rinse when we wash our hair will also produce the same effect for a fraction of the cost!

Smile and the World Smiles with You!

A slightly more radical beauty tip for the winter months is to consider having a teeth-whitening procedure. As the skin begins to lose its tan from the summer, the teeth can also begin to look dull, leaving the whole face a little tired looking and less vibrant than we would like.

The 2 hour Zoom Whitening System works by applying a special gel to the teeth which is then activated through the patented laser light. The power-whitening process penetrates through the teeth removing the discolouration and breaking up the staining. Patients will see an immediate difference in the before and after results of up to several shades. Prices and methods of teeth whitening procedures will vary on the dentist or cosmetic clinician offering the treatment.

A cheaper alternative would be to use one of the many proprietary whitening types of toothpaste available from manufacturers such as Oral B, MacLeans, Colgate or Arm and Hammer which can be used on a daily basis at home. The results may not be quite so dramatic but used in conjunction with a bright new lipstick to complement your new autumn/winter wardrobe, you will be ready to face the world!

Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise!

The beauty editor’s mantra which we ignore during the winter months at our peril! So, whether it is Creme de Mer or a pot of Vaseline, keeping the skin moisturised and protected is one of the kindest things we can do for our bodies.

Furthermore, the eight glasses of water per day rule applies just as much in the autumn months as during the summer as does eating vitamin rich foods such as oranges (Vitamin C), carrots (Vitamin A), and spinach (Vitamin E) which will help to keep the immune system ticking over and our bodies protected from infections.

Experts advise applying your moisturiser to slightly damp skin after cleansing as this will help to lock in additional moisture within the epidermis. Don’t neglect your hands as they will also need an extra dose of TLC to make it through the winter. Always wear gloves when you venture outside (and for washing up!) and keep a tube of hand cream at home, in your desk or handbag to ensure that you can replenish your thirsty hands whenever needed. You could try an old Victorian remedy of slathering your hands in olive oil before ‘retiring’ for the night and wearing a pair of thin cotton gloves in bed. You may wake up smelling like an Italian deli but you will have divinely soft hands and repaired cuticles and nails!

Buff and Tough!

Your body may be swathed in layers of heavy clothing during the autumn and winter but don’t forget that it will need regular pampering as well. Exfoliating from the shoulders down three times per week will help to remove the dead skin cells which can make the skin appear dull, in addition to stimulating circulation and giving you a rosy glow. Try to have your shower at lukewarm rather than hot and keep it to less than ten minutes. Any hotter or longer and you will quickly strip the oil from the epidermis leaving the skin dry, itchy and flaky.

You can make a great home spa exfoliation treatment by mixing sugar or coarse grained sea salt with your favourite body wash and applying in a circular motion with a soft bristled brush. Finish off with a good body lotion such as Dove, Vaseline Intensive Care or Body Shop Cocoa Butter and you will look just as good out of your new winter wardrobe as in!

Take the Radical Approach?

A recent article in the New York Times suggested that autumn and winter can provide the optimum time for undergoing cosmetic skin procedures as tanned skin has been shown to offer resistance to laser procedures used in hair removal, pigmentation correction and the treatment of spider vein removal and Sclerotherapy.

Chemical skin peels and microdermabrasion techniques normally require a period of 7 days of home healing and protection from UV solar rays. The lower light intensity of the winter months and the cooler temperatures mean that the healing process may be more comfortable and the downtime reduced.

Whichever way you choose to face the coming months, whether through a full on cosmetic treatment or just by treating yourself to a new nail varnish or lippy to lift your spirits, just remember to be good to yourself and face the world with a smile. You never know who might smile back!

Author Bio –
This article was produced by Ed Beardsell, a writer for the cosmetic surgery comparison website Clinic Compare. Ed writes advice and information covering a variety of different areas of non-invasive cosmetic treatments such as dermal fillers, skin peels and vein removal.

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