Tips to make your child a yoga lover


Encourage your young one to exercise. Usually, an active child transforms into an exercise-loving adult. Being active together strengthens you and your child’s bond.

The plethora of exercise options gives you and your child a bountiful of choices. Consider trying yoga because of its wide availability. A simple Groupon search lists a wide variety of yoga deals in various North American cities.

If you want to grow your child into a lifetime yoga fanatic, here are some tips.

Start early

Lead by example. Allow your child to watch you as you move in and out of yoga poses. You can start as early as infancy to turn your exercising routine into a symbol of your family’s normality. It might spark a curiosity that incites your child to naturally join or ask about your yoga exercises.

Start simple by encouraging him to mimic your poses. Just make it a fun, playful activity. As he grows older, teach him the proper techniques.

Teach Animal Poses

According to Kids Yoga Stories, there are over 50 animal related yoga poses. Most likely, your child will be familiar with different types of animals and can easily imitate them.

Connecting animals and yoga turns it from a foreign concept to something with more familiarity. It also adds an extra layer of fun and imagination.

Plan Short Intervals

Children under seven may struggle to focus more than five to ten minutes. Instead of trying to force full yoga practices, schedule mini daily sessions. As your child gets older, increase the sessions. Set a goal to have them practicing yoga for 30 minutes a day by the age of 15.

Buy Yoga Clothes

Fresh new yoga apparel does not only make mummy’s excitement increase, it can have the same effect on your child. Give her a fresh new yoga outfit before you begin the process. Major parent points if you can find some apparel with her favorite character or color.

Use this time to increase daily activity and bond more with your child. You will cherish these small yoga moments.

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