The Healthy Me and A Fairy Visit

Yes, I still could not sleep. And how can I when tomorrow, err later this day will be the big day. I can’t share yet to you but it is for the benefit of my health. I am really thankful that this event came. It is something I have thought of doing but never had the courage to do so.

Another thing that is keeping me awake is the visit of a fairy. The fairy that my friends are telling me about was here a few minutes ago. Let me introduce you, The Fairy Hobmother, check him out on twitter 🙂

What is exciting about the fairy? As said, he is known by everyone I know as when he visit a blog he never fails to make the blogger smile. He is quite generous and many blogger already testified on this one. He got Fairy Overload over at Appliances Online and some fairy dust for us bloggers.

I am saying HE? for a Fairy Hobmother? Yes, Fairy Hobmother is a male person. 🙂

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