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When to start using anti-aging treatment

For women who are not conscious of how they appear, whether or not to apply an anti-aging cream is not a big problem for them. But, for women who make cleansing, toning and moisturizing their skin an everyday ritual, they know when to start looking for anti-aging treatment. The first sign of fine lines on their forehead, laugh lines and crow feet will surely make them jump off their feet and slowly admit to themselves that resorting to anti-aging light therapy/treatment is necessary to ward off early signs of aging.

If you can afford it, you can always try the first line of protection against wrinkly skin or even before the first sign appear. But if you are creative enough there are skin care home remedies that are made from natural ingredients to keep you young and healthy. Wrinkles are part of a natural aging process, so it is best to treat it the best way we know natural.

When we say natural this means including fruits and vegetables in our diet; drink plenty of fluid everyday to flush toxins and rehydrate our skin; avoid alcohol, caffeine, and cigarettes; wear or use proper gear to protect our skin from excessive exposure to the sun; wash your face with soap containing natural ingredients; and never sleep with your makeup on. Simple and easy to do, right?

Advisory on Injectable Whitening Products

There is nothing wrong with wanting lighter skin or wrinkle-free skin. You can consult with experts on the safety of some beauty products including oxytoxin type II to address the onset of wrinkles. However, if you are planning to inject glutathione to achieve fair skin fast, you might want to know the ill effects of intravenous skin-whitening product to your health.

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), drug glutathione can cause kidney failure and blood poisoning if taken in high doses as a skin-whitener. It may also cause toxic epidermal necrolysis, wherein a large portion of the skin peels off exposing the human body to various infections.

Glutathione is administered to treat cancer. But it is now widely used in the Philippines and other Asian countries as skin whitener and being promoted like other skin-whitening products including soaps, lotions and deodorants.

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