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Health tips for the Christmas Season

Nineteen days before Christmas and you haven’t finished shopping for yourself and love ones. Here are some tips to help you cope with the stress brought by the holiday season.

1. Plan your activities for yourself and your family.
2. Take care of yourself and those dear to you. Children and adults are susceptible to cough, colds and fever, so if you have cough and fever for more than five days, consult your doctor for treatment.
3. Prepare vegetable and fruits with your traditional ham and queso de bola on Christmas and New Year’s Eve.
4. Eat more nutritious food to sustain your daily activities.
5. Take plenty of water or fruit juice to ease excretion.
6. Have enough rest and sleep to recharge your tired body.
7. Try to avoid crowded places to prevent acquiring bacteria-causing diseases.
(Do not bring valuables such as  samsung galaxy cellphone, jewelry when shopping in crowded places to avoid getting robbed.)
8. Choose environment-friendly and inexpensive Christmas decor.
9. Purchase toys that are safe from lead and other harmful chemicals.
10. Welcome the holidays with noise from pots and pans and not with firecrackers.