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Things you need to know about tetanus


Moms usually worry about small wounds their kids incur when playing inside or outside the home. Wounds become more worrisome if they become infected as they could harbor the tetanus infection. This infographic is very useful in teaching the public about tetanus and how to properly care for wounds. There are different wounds incurred from various sources. One being discussed in the infographic is wound sustained from typhoon-related accidents. Take note of the health tips for future reference.

Image credit: The World Health Organization

Proper Wound Care

When you sustained a wound, keep it thoroughly clean to prevent germs from setting in. Dirt can infect the simplest wound or minor cut if not properly taken cared of.

  • Wash wounds with soap and running water.
  • It is best that you are being assisted if your wound is bleeding a lot; becomes red or swollen, or has pus (yellowish fluid) coming out of it; and gives pain.
  • For accidental burn, pour cold water on the affected part, place it in cold water for at least five minutes.
  • If you really hurt yourself badly, rush to the nearest health center or hospital to help you.