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On family planning

Most couples decide to use a certain family planning method because they want their children to be properly fed and cared for. For some they use FP method for health reasons.

When you decide to adopt a family planning method, have your health status assessed by a midwife, health worker or doctor. Talk to them about the method that likely to work best for you based on you needs, your body, and lifestyle. I guess you can even ask them about some tips on intimacy in marriage or extenze side effects if your hubby happens to use male enhancement.

Follow the precautions given by your health worker or doctor on the method chosen. Observe any problem that may arise. Have a regular check up.

You can compare the effectiveness, safety, convenience, availability and costs of the following FP methods: There are methods which require a prescription by a doctor like oral contraceptives (the pills), intrauterine device (IUD), and diaphragm. Some are available over the counter like condom, vaginal foams, cream and jellies. Some natural methods may be used like rhythm and mucus, and withdrawal. More permanent methods include surgical sterilization – vasectomy and tubal ligation.

Source: DOH