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Pain reliever for my dysmenorrhoea

My mom said that my dysmenorrhoea or painful menstruation will go away the moment I got married and bear kids. But it didn’t. I’ve been suffering from dysmenorrhoea since I was 12 and the discomfort has gotten from bad to worse. I remember being absent from school because of my painful period. When I was working, there are a number of opportunities that I’ve missed because I was on sick leave due to unbearable pain.

I started using pain reliever to alleviate my discomfort. At first I don’t want to take any medicine to cover up the pain. They say I might get too dependent on pills. But hey a couple of pills won’t do me any harm. Besides they are low dosage pain relievers and are actually sold over the counter. I have found a pill that works for me and have been comfortable taking it for the last two or three years.

A family doctor mentioned about supplement recommendations, a sort of multivitamins. I wish there are actual vitamins or supplements that could put an end to dysmenorrhoea. If there are available vitamins like that, I won’t mind spending a little just to be free from the stabbing menstrual pain every month.