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Comfort of a private hospital room

The hospital where my kids had been confined may not have the first class amenities compared with other hospitals, but at least, I think they conform with the hospital norm. We occupy the semi-private room since I have two sick kids. We have an ample space and we can move freely. We have privacy unlike in the ward section where my kids have to share a room with five or more kids and their companion.

We occupy the private room because it is easier to attend to two patients in adjacent beds. The kids can eat, sleep, sit, and banter without getting conscious of other patients. Each bed has step stool so we don’t worry if they get off the bed feeling slightly dizzy as the stool allows their feet and legs on the right angle before standing up.

We chose to pay an additional P200 to P300 for the room rate just to give our children the comfort they need to recover from their illness faster.

For a little backgrounder, my kids were confined due to dengue fever last Feb. 18. We stayed at the hospital for six days.