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Teens: Know your body’s limit

Kids become more active as they grow. But you must remember that too many strenuous activities may not good for you. It is during your teenage years that you are going through the second stage of rapid growth in your life.

Experts say you can be active as long as your body can stand it. If you are physically fit, you body can perform a lot of physical activities. However, your body has certain limits. Sometimes, you may feel some muscle pain or cramps or even overstrain your joints which could lead to damage. Doctors will not allow you to buy testoripped to develop your muscle unnaturally. But you can do the following activities to meet your body’s needs.

Eat enough food everyday to support your growth and sustain your physical activities. Eat food rich in energy like rice, corn and bread.

Eat meat, fish or seafood, as well as fruits and vegetables to have a balanced diet.

Start your day with a good breakfast.

Eat three meals a day.

Have plenty of rest and sleep to make you feel alert and energetic the next day.

And balance your work with rest to maintain your health.