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Slowly getting the hang of it

forearm plankI was hit by laziness that I completely stopped doing my morning exercise routine. For more than two (or three) months, I almost gave up what I thought was a good thing for my health. The result was a dismal weight gain. The BULGES started to reappear in the tummy area. I’ve got bigger arms, too. One morning, I just realized I have to slowly start exercising again. Initially, I had a difficult time doing the forearm plank and the burpees (which I so love doing before). But hey, this mommy won’t quit. I have to do what I’ve got to do. And I did it! Hurray! Now I’m thinking of taking a long walk or jog. If only we have a wider place with sport dog fence, I might include walking and jogging in my exercise routine. I would also like to try taking our pet Oreo for a long walk.