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Food for dieters

Diet is not only for achieving a slim look, but for a healthy living. It doesn’t necessarily mean that when you are on a diet you are trimming off your shape while sitting in worship chairs. In planning a healthy diet you need to consider not only counting about the calories but also relying on their freshness, color and variety. Start your habit by adding a fresh bowl of salad as vegetables are not only low on calories but is packed with essential nutrients and vitamins. Fruits are also a great addition as it is not only delicious but are also antioxidants. Choose whole grains over bad carbs that is mostly on commercial foods and also splurge on healthy fats like plant oils and fatty acids from fishes. And focus on quality substitute proteins like nuts, beans, and soy.

Dieter’s BFF

I’m on a diet. Well, I’ve lessened my cooked rice intake, the big culprit for my weight gain for a long time. I’m getting used to eating less rice now and I believe I can do the same to fight off my cravings for sweet and less nutritious food in the succeeding days.

My friend shared one of her secrets in losing weight. She said that she’s taking boiled eggs everyday. One boiled egg contains 70 calories and you’ll feel satisfied and full for longer hours hence, it is considered a dieter’s bff (best friends forever), according to her.

I’m taking all the tips my friend is sharing with me and hopefully it will be effective the same way it has helped her lose weight. Should she tell me lifting a restaurant equipment is effective, I might also think about it. 🙂