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Towel Talk

Have you ever noticed that hotels only use white towels? I am no frequent traveler but in the times we were able to do so and have to stay in hotels, that is something that I observed. It makes me wonder now if there is a reason behind.

I googled and here are the reasons why hotels and even households go for white towels.

• There is less sorting. When all the towels are white, you can simply put them all together in the washer.
• White never goes out of style and goes with anything. It is classic and modern.
• Whites never fade. Colored towels tend to fade after how many washes.
• Whites are more sanitary because you can bleach them. It gives you assurance that they are clean, even the tiniest fabric.

Now that makes me ditch our colored towels and just go with whites. I will check out The White Company’s collection and place an order soon.