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Mum cares

I’ve heard worse child abuse stories from the news, child welfare advocates, and the victims themselves…heart-breaking stories of survival..sometimes unimaginable…you would only wish it won’t happen to someone close to your heart…

So when I heard about a running campaign on Facebook that encouraged everyone to change their profile picture with their favorite cartoon character in order to spread awareness about CHILD ABUSE, I readily follow. I hope this campaign will be able to reach its ultimate purpose to help spread awareness about CHILD ABUSE.

As to the origin of the campaign, you can view it at the GMA news website.

Meantime, I wish to share with you a story about a young survivor of abuse named Angel in my other site. Her story first appeared in People’s Tonight (a Manila-based Tabloid) a few years ago.

* This is my Facebook profile picture now.

Kiki and Lala, popular Sanrio characters.