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Tips to Get Ready for Back to School for Kids

back to school for kids can be fun time if you are well prepared. As a parent, you want to be well prepared and most important you want to make sure that your kid is in perfect health. You need a few important tips to help junior get back to school in an organized manner. What do you need to buy? Make a list and then buy everything in advance. This will prevent any last minute rushes that would hamper the smooth process of taking your kid back to school. Is this the first time for junior? Just reassure them that school is fun and that they will make many friends and have happy moments too.

Back to school

I thought my son would be hospitalized (again). He had an on and off fever for four days, his skin was pale and showed some rashes – symptoms that are normally present in patients with dengue. But God is really good for not allowing anything bad to happen to my son. His pediatrician ruled out Dengue Fever Syndrome. What really ails my son was called systemic viral infection. He was given medicine to be taken for five days or so and advised to rest for three to four days.

He is recuperating well. Tomorrow, my son is ready to go back to school.