Surviving the Winter being active

Let’s make 2016 be that year we challenge ourselves and our behaviors. Have you started fulfilling New Year Resolution’s related to getting fit?  If you live in a cold weather state or plan on visiting one keep in mind it doesn’t take long to get frostbite. If you like to participate in cold weather sports or activities outdoors like ice skating, ice hockey, ice fishing, winter bike riding, skiing, snowboarding, sledding or skiing; here are some of the best ways to stay warm and avoid getting frost bite.

Dress in layers starting from the inside out:

The layer next to your skin should be able provide protect & keep in heat.  Wool wicks sweat away from the body and dries quickly.  Next layer should provide insulation from the elements.  It can be wool, down or a fleece.  It will not be the outer layer. The outer layer should be something that is water resistant or repellant.  It should provide protection from the elements. Once you have the basics covered let’s start to accessorize by adding things that will ensure our bodies are covered from the elements from head to toe.

Consider looking into a face mask that covers most of your face if you are a person that likes being outdoor in the elements.  Do you enjoy ice skating or ice hockey?  These are great alternative forms of exercise but wearing warm gloves or leg warmers would definitely make the time spent on the ice more bearable especially if the activities take place outside.

There are some people that enjoy riding their bikes year round even in cold weather.  In addition to wearing face masks, please consider looking into appropriate waterproof boots and gloves to aid you in getting around town.  If you are an avid ice fisher, insulated snow bibs offer warmth and comfort while waiting for the fish to bite.

Being outdoors in the elements can be an excellent way to get fit.  Wearing thermal socks is also another great solution to keeping your entire body warm while you are out in the elements. Even if you take all the proper precautions try to limit your exposure time in cold weather by going indoors frequently to warm up and avoid frostbite. You burn more calories in the cold, but be safe.  Be sure to check out the offering at Gander Mountain.  If you do consider using Groupon Coupons to get additional savings by utilizing the coupons to use discount codes to gain greater savings.

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