Play for exercise

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

If your kids are too busy with homework, let them take a moment to play. Play is an important part of kids’ development. You can play checker and other interesting board games with your kid or if he has siblings allow them to play team games. Team games are said to develop honesty and self-discipline.

If kids are playing outside your home, make sure that kids play in safe areas of your house and surroundings.

And if kids can do it (play and rest), adults should do it as well. Rest, even if may sound Martian to some of us moms at home, is advisable after a busy day tending to household chores or performing office work. Errands at home like paying monthly bills or buy life insurance do not take the whole day to accomplish. Allow yourself to rest and be able to have a sound sleep at night.

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