Methods Of Childbirth

You are expecting your first child and have many decisions ahead of you as you prepare for his or her arrival. One of these items to debate over is the type of delivery that you want to have. Here are a few options to consider.

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Soothing Water

One type of childbirth is a water birth san antonio. In this method, the mother gets into a warm tub or pool of water to give birth in once labor has progressed significantly. The water mimics the womb when the baby arrives and can be soothing to the mother also.

Normal Childbirth

This type of delivery is a typical type of vagnial childbirth that is performed in the hospital. Medications can be used for pain or to progress labor and an episiotomy can be done if the mother has problems pushing the baby out. 

Natural Childbirth

Natural Childbirth is almost exactly like Normal Childbirth except that there are no drugs given and no surgical procedures performed. This delivery can be performed in a hospital or in the mother’s home if that is her wish. 

Squatting Birth

This method is also a vaginal birth but instead of reclining on a bed, the mother squats down and allows gravity to assist her in the delivery of her baby. Things can go very fast in a squatting birth and sometimes makes the labor easier.

Cesarean Section

Babies are born through a surgical procedure instead of a vaginal birth during a cesarean section. Also known as a C-section, the doctor makes an incision through the mother’s womb to reach the baby then pulls it out. While mothers can opt for this procedure, this is also used if either the mother or the baby falls into danger and the labor process becomes an emergency. One drawback to a C-section is that the recovery takes much longer than a vaginal birth.

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