Health advisory on Leptospirosis

Image credit: N and People’s Tonight (June 30, 2015)

Image credit: N and People’s Tonight (June 30, 2015)

Government health experts once again cautioned the public against wading in flood water to avoid acquiring Leptospira bacteria, a fatal rat-borne infection that enters the body through open wound.

Here’s an advisory I’m reposting from the Department of Health Facebook page:

Cause: Leptospira bacteria

Incubation Period: 7-10 days

Mode of Transmission:

Entry of the leptospira bacteria through wounds when in contact with flood waters, vegetation, moist soil contaminated with the urine of infected animals, especially rats.

Signs and Symptoms:

Non-specific symptoms of muscle pain, headache
Calf-muscle pain and reddish eyes fro some cases
Severe cases result tot liver involvement, kidney failure or brain involvement. Thus some cases may have yellowish body discoloration, dark-colored urine and light stools, low urine output, severe headache.


Antibiotics duly prescribed by a physician.
Early recognition and treatment within two days of illness to prevent complications of leptospirosis, so early consultation is advised.

Prevention and Control:

Avoid swimming or wading in potentially contaminated water or flood water.
Use of proper protection like boots and gloves when work requires exposure to contaminated water.
Drain potentially contaminated water when possible.
Control rats in the household by using rat traps or rat poison, maintaining cleanliness in the house.

**As to the availability of medicine for Leptospirosis in drugstores, the DOH advised the public NOT TO SELF-MEDICATE.

CONSULT A DOCTOR if you notice any of the symptoms mentioned in the list above.

DOCTORS WILL PRESCRIBE the medicine for you to take and how to manage your infection.

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