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Top 3 Care Tips for Healthy Hair

If your hair’s been feeling a little dull, fragile or flat lately, you may be wondering what you can do to nurse it back to health. Whether you regularly visit a luxury hair salon Ridgewood NJ or cut your own hair at home, there are a few simple tips anyone can implement to keep hair in great shape. For three of the easiest hair care tips that you can start implementing today, read on.

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

1. Don’t Overwash

While it might seem like washing your hair constantly is key to keeping it squeaky clean and therefore healthy, overwashing can actually have a negative effect on your hair. It can cause irritation to your scalp, possibly leading to dryness and flaking, and can also weaken your hair strands. This is because when your hair gets wet, it’s more prone to breakage. For that reason, it’s a good idea to wait until your hair is dry to brush it, too.

2. Avoid Unnecessary Heat Processing

Although a good blow dryer or straightener can seem to work wonders for your hair’s appearance, all that heat is actually damaging to the hair over time. Avoid using heat more than you need to, and consider letting your hair air-dry after washing. For a quicker option, you can use a gentle microfiber towel. If you have to use heat, be sure to use a heat-protectant spray on your hair before starting.

3. Get Regular Trims

Finally, while it might seem counterintuitive to cut hair in order for it to grow and become healthier, getting rid of split ends is actually key to keeping your hair in good shape. Try getting a trim every six to eight weeks.

Bad hair days can have negative mental and emotional effects, and are no fun to deal with, either. Thankfully, keeping your hair as healthy as possible doesn’t have to be as much of a chore as it might sound. With these three simple tips, you can start your journey to your healthiest hair ever.