Beyond the merriment

I got all these valuable items from the first Christmas party for bloggers I attended at the Legend Villas in Mandaluyong City last Saturday.

Everyone enjoyed the games (I particularly enjoyed our version of Pinoy henyo where me and Tetcha were one of those who won a prize). Each mommies exchange gifts and went home with loot bags containing the following items:

  • Soyami Soya Chips,
  • Walter Double Fiber Wheat Bread,
  • Maya Fluffy n’ Tasty,
  • T Shirt and Token from Unilab,
  • Ainon Baby Products,
  • Proud Mama products (bra extender and kiddie shoe bag),
  • Johnson’s Baby Powder

Yours truly with Ms. Joy handing out some prizes.

There were a lot of prizes and we even had random drawings every 30 minutes! Included in the prizes for the random drawings were:

  • active health bag and T Shirt from Unilab,
  • Ainon Products,
  • Johnson’s Baby Powder,
  • Playtex Quick Straw,
  • Maya Hot cake,
  • Walter Double Fiber Wheat Bread,
  • Gift Certificate from Ipanema,
  • Rider Sandal and Grendha.
  • Massage Package for 3 moms courtesy of Mommy Leirs.
  • Soyami Soya Chips was given to the kids instead of giving it as raffle prizes.

The first ten moms who arrived got a Body Shop lotion each, while Tetcha gave some token for the first ten moms too!

Mommy Beds took home the grand raffle prize from Tintin Bersonal- Babao and, the First Philippine Online Parenting Show. Miss Agnes of Ainon drew the grand prize winner while Miss Sheryll of Proud Mama dropped by for their products.

Photo Credits: Make or Break

Beyond the partying and merry-making, the small group of mommies intends to raise some items including old (and new) clothes for mommies and babies, toys, books and other tangible items that can be of help to an organization that caters to abandoned and abused women and their children.

We hope to add more items for the institution.

The program is made possible by the sponsors I’ve mentioned above and the beautiful mommies, Peh and Ms. Joy, who put all their efforts together to come up with an enjoyable event for mommy bloggers. Until next year. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Beyond the merriment

  1. Kat

    Saw your pics on FB and looks like mommies had so much fun! I think I may have some clothes pa to give if you still push through with your project. I’ll check on your blog often, or FB if someone posts there too.

    1. Yami Post author

      Hi Kat. Oo nga. Regarding sa old clothes, you may contact Peh cause sila ni Ms. Joy ang organizer ng event and they welcome old clothes for donations. Thank you in advance. 🙂

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