Beauty Regimen from the Dead Sea

A healthy and radiant skin is a clear indication that you are in the pink of health, so how far would you go to achieve youthful-looking skin? Thought of trying dead sea products lately?

It was rather ironic and amusing at the same time to know that the Dead Sea is a good source of minerals and nutrients which are now used to make a wide array of beauty products to care for our skin. Minerals including sodium chloride, potassium chloride and magnesium, together with bromine ions and silicon compounds, are believed to rejuvenate, renew and revitalize the skin. Products ranging from bath salts, scrubs, mud packs, mineral soaps and other mineral products, not to mention the rise of dead sea spas offering services like sulfur baths and heated pools, are but only a few of the benefits that the otherwise dead sea is contributing to the living and to life, in general.

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