Battling cough

I’m nursing a bad case of cough since last week. I have no idea how I got the bug, but it’s in my system for a few days now. I feel heavy on the chest and my head is throbbing each time I cough. I’m already taking my medicine and hope to get better after a few more days. I’m sleeping on a separate area of the house to ensure that none of my kids will be affected by the virus.

The sudden change in weather from humid to cold is the primary culprit for the seasonal cough and cold. We don’t have an outdoor thermometer to check on the temperature outside, but it’s surely cold that we can’t go out in the morning without our sweater on.

I’m taking a lot of hot soup lately, but still not getting enough rest because I’m also beating some deadlines here.

6 thoughts on “Battling cough

  1. Charlie

    Found your blog on Entrecard – hope your cough gets better soon – there’s nothing fun about being sick.


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