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My mom used to work in a tobacco company

My mother has always had fond memories of her former job at the packaging section of a tobacco company in Manila. She started working in the department several years before she met my father. The job was not that easy but she coped well through the help of her co-workers who later became her best…

Our Angel could have been 5 this year

This is one nostalgic entry for me. I couldn’t help but feel sad whenever I remember about my unborn child. She or he could have been 5 this year and probably going to school. Hubby and I have accepted the fact that the baby is not meant for us. It was meant to be an…

Press Pass

Found this while looking for old photographs. The info on the card says it all – its a press pass for a media coverage. I was a stringer of the Philippine News Agency then. My share for Nostalgia.