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Exercise equipment

I love watching home tv shopping every night especially when the hosts are presenting the latest household products and kitchen appliance. The items presented are the ones that I really need at home. In fact, I was able to purchase two items from the home shopping company and I’m really satisfied with the products. Last night, they introduce a different product, this time it’s an exercise equipment. The equipment is easy to use and appears effective in helping someone lose weight. I would like to invest on this item if budget permits. I’m also checking their website for a recording pack as hubby might need one very soon.

Update on a stamp collector friend

It’s always a delight to read my former editor’s status on Facebook. Before, he was only posting about stamps and other memorabilia on Facebook, now he is also posting/sharing his love for posters of Marvel heroes and toys, yes toys from a popular food chain, which he is collecting of late. By just reading and seeing his post made me realize that toys are not just for kids, but for kids at heart. It somehow brings out the child in me. I wish I could give him toys to add to his collection. But I think this stainless steel cross from is a more appropriate token. I appreciate his assistance when were officemates. And he’s a good person so he deserves something like this cross.

Scrapbooking for SAHM

You can’t keep up with the endless workload at home day in and day out. It’s tedious. You wish you have more time for yourself and indulge with some form of relaxation, but you just can’t. A friend of mine recommends scrapbooking as a good way to relax after a hard day’s work. She is good at scrapbooking and already making money from it. You can use traditional scrapbooking kits or try the more intricate digital scrapbooking. If you are interested to create your first scrapbook (of photos, stamps or what have you) right away, you may check the link here and start to learn how to make a scrapbook. It’s going to be fun! Good luck!