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An Open Heart is a Healthy Heart

Image courtesy of atibodyphoto at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

You regularly take vitamins and supplements to boost your immune system and keep those pesky ailments and diseases away. You make sure you drink your 8 glasses of water each day to keep your body well-hydrated. You exercise regularly, too, to maintain a healthy body and a healthy heart. Did you know that you can also maintain a healthy heart by keeping an open heart?

Of course, by that we do not pertain to a surgery at all, in fact, we would like to veer as far away from it. What we actually mean by it is keeping an open heart that embraces new situations without stressing over it unnecessarily, keep a giving heart that readily forgives when it is called for or generous enough to send gifts just because. By practicing that, you do not only keep your heart healthy, you will also stay young minus Botox or cosmetic surgery.

Water is to Life

Even history will tell us that water is one, if not the most, vital part of human existence. Old tales of cities and civilizations forming around the nearest bodies of water will say a lot about the great role water plays in our daily life. Even our body, for the most part, is composed of water. People can go for a few days on end without food, but never without water. We need water to hydrate, lubricate and nourish our bodies for our bodily functions to operate well. It is also of paramount importance to make sure that we are drinking and using the cleanest and purest water to us to stay healthy, some people would even use a water purifier or a water softener at home, to always be on the safe side.